Saturday, March 19, 2005

Entry #58
Yesterday in the weightroom I did leg work. Squats are
amazing. Feels like your whole body is being torn apart as you struggle
to stand up with so much weight on your shoulders. Going to raise the
weight next time. Also raise the weight on leg presses to
600 pounds. Decided to nix lunges to keep the time shorter
and the intensity higher.

Break from lifting today. Practiced 3 minute rounds on punching bag.
Decided to use gloves at first so I could work more on proper form. I
got sloppy a few times and bent my wrist in the middle of a punch. Need
to work on that. Speed was excellent, though. Doing better job of
snapping back punches. Also practiced side-kicks. 10 consecutive kicks
on each side.

Didn't get to spar this weekend. But I did find a site for
hosting videos. Should have a recording of next week's fight. 

I'm checking out . Closest muay thai place around here.

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  1. are u in the movies are going to be? if u are im so checken it out! hehe
    much <3