Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Entry #56
Couldn't do heavy training due to injuries from Sunday. Want to make sure I can go full force tomorrow.

Did a mile in PE. Came out to be 6:25. Disappointing, but I have
been doing a bulking phase with little cardio. Additionally I still
have a swollen shin so I wasn't doing my best. Nevertheless once I
start cutting I will push my cardio through the roof. I'd expect a 5:00
mile run.

Can't apply pressure on left hand yet so I've been doing one-handed
push-ups with my good arm. Can only do 4. Haha these are really fun
though, I'll get better. My last attempt at regular push-ups came
to 50 so I've been improving.

Another fight this Saturday. Using shin guards this time. I'll try to get pictures or even a video for critique.


  1. yes pictures are great....ehehee. im sry bout urr shin..hope u get better!!!!!

  2. stop the violence!!
    Much Love

  3. damn sore shins are the worst. along with sore ankles >_<