Saturday, March 12, 2005

Entry #54
George called and said he couldn't wait another day to beat me up, so
I'm going out right now to do some fighting. Today was supposed to be
lifting day for back and biceps. Will have to find some way to
incorporate the workout in. Maybe I shouldn't lift and fight on the
same day but these sparring matches are more for practice, even though
it's going to be full-contact.


  1. props!! hehe thanks.  i love the fist of fire pic too.. oh the movie u had for ur main pic.. i saw that too.. that movie is the greatest...

  2. Yeah Ong Bak, I have to go see that again. Best movie ever. Thanks for the comment

  3. Haven't dropped by here in a while. dunno hy, probably becasue I hate you or something. Anyways, sounds like you and George are gettgin some good sessios in. Breaker (MyPassionMyPain) mentioned something about a throwdown, that could be sweet. I might be able to give ya a lift if he does it.

  4. He goes by Tony Jaa, didn't know his real name though
    Yeah Todash I'm looking forward to any throwdowns you or Breaker have planned, let me know. I'll be on time haha

  5. Yeah, isn;t that what you said last time, and the time before that...