Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Entry #52
Legs are completely blasted. Never had such a sweaty workout with just
lifting. Essentially raised the weight on everything. It was kind of
funny, actually. I was stumbling around the gym like a drunk.

Tomorrow is all striking practice. Hopefully I can stand by then. Didn't get much of that accomplished today.



  1. Is that Ting in your picture? cool!

  2. I like striking, I do Tai Chi and lucha libre, what art do you do?

  3. and u talked to me don't 4 get me! haha

  4. Yeah heh Ting was awesome in Ong Bak.
    I'm not in anything right now but I'm going to take muay thai this summer. Right now I've mostly been doing boxing and tae kwon do against my friend. I never knew anyone who did tai chi, do you spar people a lot using that? How is it?

  5. interesting. i was just kiddin about the cheerleading! lol im so not "that cordinated'' lmao but hey i could find out what u need to know how to back flip i think.

  6. If you need helps with flips i could probably help.

  7. Hey thanks, I already got the basics for flips down at, but any tips or anything you got is always great
    Not trying to learn flips for fighting of course haha, just for fun. And to help with flexibility.