Sunday, February 27, 2005

Entry #47
Today was intense. During weightlifting I was sweating as if I was
doing cardio. Lats and abs for today. Tweaked my neck from straining so
hard on overhead dumbbell presses but I maintained perfect form.
Shouldn't last more than a few hours anyways.

Definitely need to make more time for striking practice. I've
been doing a ton of weight-lifting and minimal fighting the last few
days. Today consisted of nothing more than a few rounds of shadow
boxing in my room for 10 minutes.

Saw Ong Bak yesterday and it ruled. Granted, the fighting looked
nothing like muay thai (unless muay thai is a mix between capoeira and
tae kwon do) but it was still awesome.



  1. I hate you for seeing Ong Bak before me. I think this weekend I'll try to get around to seeing it, but I gots to drive over the hill into your neck of the woods or milpitas or something to see it...

  2. George and I are going again to see it soon with my friend J.C., you should come.
    I'd gladly watch that movie 100 times. Seriously, I wasn't prepared for how awesome it was; you might want to warm up by watching Rambo or something. You can hurt yourself if you just jump into it.

  3. Ong Bak was awesome!

  4. He actually used a more ancient form of Muay Thai, I believe it was Muay Garohng or something like that. It focuses more on form though. Why you get to see him going from form to form like he does. I don't get how you didn't think it looked like Muay Thai though. He used all the traditional moves like Crocodile whip tail, old man sweeps the floor, break the elephants neck etc...And yes, Tony Jaa is awesome.