Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Entry #45
Took a second day off from strength training to practice my striking
game. My endurance is steadily improving; I think I can go for longer
rounds on the bag. Still need to focus on snapping back fists after

Hope to get a speed-bag this weekend.


  1. Why do you take days off of strength training to work striking?  You can ideally do both with enough rest.
    And why the speedbag?  Time spent on the speedbag can be better applied to the heavybag/shadowboxing/rope skipping/anything else boxing related that has positive results.  The speedbag is really just a time killer that looks cool and might get you a decent cardio workout but unless you want to become a pro-boxer will really have no purpsoe for you.
    And even for pros, I think training methods are evolving.  Boxing tends to be too caught up in training dogma to get rid of outdated methods.

  2. Was feeling extremely sore in my arms and I decided to take two days off instead of one to rest. I usually do some striking on days I go to the gym but due to time constaints I can't spend hours practicing on the bag, so I take advantage of it on days I'm not at the gym. But yeah, I don't set X days for weightlifting and the other days for striking.
    As for the speedbag, I've never really heard about it from anyone so thanks for that. I thought it might help your accuracy for headshots.

  3. You gotta keep in mind that you don't strike a speed bag like you would throw a punch.  It's more of an overhand hammerfist motion, so you wouldn't really be training conducively for headstrikes.  If you run a search on bullshido about speedbags, you'll see more.
    Keep up the training.

  4. Changed my mind about the speed bag, heh. I already waste enough training time practicing nunchaku. Just gonna stick with the punching bag. Thanks for the info.