Thursday, February 17, 2005

Entry #43
Sparring yesterday: kept my hands up for the most part but I still drop
them during kicks. Need to work on flexibility for sidekicks because
mine never work. Also, I've never done any grappling with George; next
time we'll include groundwork as well. We should also probably pick a
more suitable spot than his driveway, but this didn't turn out to be
a very serious match anyways.

If I can't get any formal training for the time being (until summer
when I move out) because of no good schools around here, then I
need to at least get a training partner. The following weekends I'll be
practicing drills with George and anyone else I can find.

Triceps are already sore from workout today. Chest is usually sore
the next morning. Moving from set to set much faster; no more than one
minute in between.


  1. bahaha bahaha bahaha .... shark bate moo haha.

  2. Sparring on cement is an accident waiting to happen, I would highly recomend grass, especially with grappling. Ouch, damn that would murder to grapple on pavement, damn.