Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Entry #38
I was eating lunch on a bench by the public library reading a book when
I feel something poking my back. I turn around and this little four
year old boy is poking me with a stick. He ran around and came to my
front and out of nowhere he said he he'll punch me. I told him I'd just
block it, and then he said he has a 100 foot tall robot that would kill
me. I asked if it had missiles and he said yes, in its fists. So we
started talking about robots and I had one too, and we were going to
have them fight soon (mine had missiles in its chest, and its punch
power was 1000000 psi). Then his mom came and he had to go. What an
awesome kid.

On-topic: You know you had a good workout when you can't even raise your arms to go running afterwards.

That was a good feeling. And the side of my chest would twitch in
pain because of the up and down motion that makes the muscles tense.
Good feeling, but I wasn't very satisfied today. I tried a lot of new
ideas, so it was worth it.

I upped the intensity by a huge amount. Much less time to recuperate
after sets. No longer will I sit for a few minutes and then continue.
I'll have a one minute rest in between; during that I'll be stretching
to release lactic acid and stuff.

Also, perfect form. I'm concentrating on going a bit slower and
putting more resistance on the down movement. I've had to drop some
weight in order to improve form, especially on the incline bench press.
But good form will build muscle faster. Heh, got to keep telling myself
that. I don't like taking off weight. "Lift for your muscles, not your
ego." Good quote from a magazine.

Need to get proper running shoes. I was running in skate shoes and my ankles were sore after about 5 minutes.

Writing this all down in notes is great at helping me drill this stuff into my brain.


  1. U a weight lifter? I'm tryin to go from 205 pounds to 220 in weight, how woudl I do that?

  2. In what exercise? How many reps are you doing for it?

  3. He means he wants to gain 25lbs of muscle.

  4. What a funny little child. I remember this kid who lived next to a ledge me and my friends used to skate all the time, he was about 6-8 years old, and told us he could do the hardest grind in the world, the Samson, or something like that. After watching him hop around like an idiot for a whiel, we started ignoring him. So, as you would expect, he started trying to findle our genitals...seriously. It was perhaps one of the funniest, and scariest things I've had to experience. Did I mention I stringly dislike little kids. Although that one sounds ok. 

  5. Haha wow, you attract the strange ones.