Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Entry #37
Day off from weight training. I need to work harder to maintain my diet
on off-days, though. I seem to eat a lot less on days like today. Must
eat 8 large meals every day, no exceptions.

Practiced mostly my kicks. I'm working on getting more flexible.
They may not be the most practical move but I want to get better with
high kicks. I once saw a TKDist K.O. a Muay Thai fighter in UFC with a
high kick directly to the face. He was out cold, it was
amazing. It'd be nice to have those in my move list.

I'm also thinking of reconsidering my choice and go for the track team.



  1. Are you bulking right now? Because if you are, track might not be the way to go. Don't you not want to do cardio when you bulk? Or not as much or something? Whatever. Any ways, if not, I'd go for track. It should help whip you into shape, even though you're already pretty fit.

  2. Yeah I'm bulking, but my routine right now still calls for cardio twice a week. Reason is that, according to what's written, running after lifting "works the anaerobic lactate system and promotes an anabolic environment. It's built to develop your ability to function with high lactate levels in your muscles, which help trigger a release of growth hormone. (If you want to skip the cardio, go ahead, but you'll improve your results by doing it.)
    Anyways, I'm not trying to do a lot of cardio, but I was thinking it'd be good to do track for the few months that's left in school and help get more endurance in running and everything. But I don't know yet.