Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Entry #33
While playing basketball at school I grabbed the rim for the first time
(before I could just barely touch it with my fingertips). I couldn't
actually hang off of it but I grabbed it and fell back. I did it a few
times. Maybe the result of new leg routine.

Gym notes:

> Much better form today. Particular improvement on bench
press; no arched back at all. I could really feel my shoulder blades
digging into the bench.

> Easily completed all sets on decline bench press. Can increase the weight next time.

> Focused on breathing correctly and taking big breaths on the down movement.

Afterwards, practiced shadow boxing.

I'm thinking it'd be good to get into sword fighting again.
Back in summer George would bring his sai over and I'd use my katana,
and we'd just spar with them in my backyard, no protective gear. No,
it's not smart at all. It's fun. It also helped my stamina. When I box,
I sometimes get tired and then I'll get lazy with blocking, and I
just focus on offense. During weapon fighting I never get lazy when I'm
tired because of the adrenaline rush of seeing someone come at you
with a weapon. Always have the chance of getting stabbed, and
that keeps me on my toes, so to speak. I need to apply that to
hand to hand fighting.

Don't actually have pictures of a weapon fight. I have it on a movie
but I'd have to print out frames and scan them, which I might do later.



  1. You could try using that host Emevas used for his vids. or something weird like that. Heheh, Katana vs. sai, no pads, sounds excellent.

  2. Hey thanks, I'll try that. Yeah, it's really intense. We didn't go all out and try to kill each other or anything, but still made me sweat.