Thursday, January 20, 2005

Entry #27
Shawn: So who you gonna ask out to

Me: I'm not going, I think I have gym that


Me: And then at night I was gonna practice punches on the bag,
and stuff. And I'll have to eat a big meal like every two hours or
so, it's not gonna work

Shawn: Dude, you're fucking stupid, and

Me: You probaby don't wanna say that to me, I'll just take
it as a compliment!        

^ That was pretty funny, at school. On topic:

Weight lifting today consisted of chest and triceps.

Incline barbell press -- 5 sets; 12, 10, 6, 6, 8 reps

Decline barbell press -- 4 sets; 10, 6, 6, 8 reps

Compound Sets:

Flat dumbbell press -- 2 sets; 8 reps & flat dumbbell flyes -- 2 sets; 10 reps

Cable pulldown -- 3 sets; 10, 6, 6 reps

Dumbbell overhead extension -- 2 sets; 8 reps

Dumbbell decline bench extension -- 2 sets; 8 reps

And then a 51 g post-workout protein shake. I was able to complete
the compound sets much better than last week. Hopefully the increased
stamina will stay. I'll need it for push-ups tonight.



  1. ahhh...prom...the bullshit it has brought upon me...and yet it is still like 4 fuckin months away...heheh. Good shit man you're fucking insane and hardcore.


  3. Ermm...My comment is definitely the best! Because I said so...and I'm Rachel ^_^. So Byebye. kthx.

  4. Well, can't argue with that. You can come fight too.

  5. Hey.  Lotta bodybuilding exercises.  Is that your goal?

  6. I want to gain strength and size. 6-10 reps isn't the best approach for striking, but I was thinking if I can get some size on my arms I could be a bit stronger for fights, and later on down the road, I could train with really low reps for explosive power. I did some research and I set up this bodybuilding routine to get some size on my arms and such. Would you have taken a different approach? Basically it's get size first, and after that's done train for explosive strength.
    I don't like calling myself a "bodybuilder", really, but I guess that's what I've been doing to aid my fighting.

  7. Bodybuilding really doesn't aid training.  Actually, it's more of a detriment.  You basically add as much mass as possible but don't gain a good strength/mass ratio.  If you hope to compete in the future, that screws you because you'll be high up in a weight class without the proportional strength to match.
    You don't need mass on your arms for strength.  Mass will come with strength. 

  8. But how would the strength not be proportional to the size when all the mass is muscle?

  9. Because bodybuilding trains for hypothermy (sp?) which is the biggest possible mass you can gain.  It's not training for as much strength as possible, but just to pump up the muscles.  As such, the muscles grow at a faster rate than if you were to powerlift.  Ronnie Coleman has bigger muscles than pretty much any powerlifter in his weight class, but the power lifters will put out much more strength than Coleman could ever manage.  This is because Coleman trained in a manner that accelerated his muscle mass rather than his strength, whereas the powerlifters trained in a way that accelerated their strength gains and let the mass just come naturally.
    Again, mass isn't necesary for strength.  Mass will come with strength.  You don't need to add mass on before you get stronger.  Strength training has a lot more to do with your nervous passageways and muscle fibers than it does with the actual muscle mass.

  10. I think I may have to completely re-make my routine and go back to what I did before.
    Heh I'm surprised my body hasn't exploded yet, I've changed stuff around so much.