Monday, October 4, 2004

Entry #9

Didn't get to update yesterday about the match. It kicked ass. I
went with George, but we left kind of late. When we got there, everyone
was already done. They said they were too tired to fight. So I just got
to fight George.

Round 1- Boxing: George was given some quick instructions on how to
box because it was his first match and then we went at it. He made the
same mistake I made a week ago in my first match: hands down the entire
time. He got some punches in my face but at the end I got him hard and
he stumbled back with a bloody lip. Then we just stopped for a break.
Very fast match, but good action. I won this one.

Round 2 - Tae
Kwon Do: Well, I've taken no Tae Kwon Do at all, but I tried my best.
It was mostly him attacking and me defending (although it was pretty
easy to block his moves). I got a few good hits in, but I'd say he won

Round 2 - Tae Kwon Do: Same as before, he won. I pretty
much had my toe destroyed so I had to stop at the end. I guess I need
to learn how to kick right because I kept hitting my toe. It got way
worse later that night, now I can barely walk.

So I had fun, I just hope this heals soon. Good thing I'm bulking right now and don't need to worry about cardio.

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