Sunday, September 26, 2004

Entry #7

I did pretty good last night. I competed in four matches.

First match: Lost. I did horrible in my first one. I think I danced
around too much at the beginning and tired myself out. Also, my
opponent socked me right in the eye at one point and it started
watering up, and I couldn't see anything. I had to give up.

Second match: Tie. Nothing special happened here, we just duked it out until we both gave up.

Third match: Win. Have this one on film. Lasted 4 minutes 22
seconds. I wore him out pretty much. At the end I got him in a corner
and wailed on him and he gave up.

Fourth match: Win. This was against a different person than the last
three. Have this one on film. Fight lasted 1 minute 41 seconds. He hit
pretty hard but I dodged almost all of them. I got him hard in the
stomach, also got some face shots in. He gave up.

Strong points:
Strength/hitting power is at a good level
Speed is at a good level
Dodged a lot of shots, good blocking

Weak points:
Lack of bodyshots (still head hunting)
Need to work on endurance (I tired out pretty fast)

Here are some blurry pics of me versus Malcolm (I'm in the brown):

Haha, he just couldn't stop laughing. That was my first time meeting
Malcolm and it was worth the 45 minute drive to Santa Cruz. He can sure
cook good barbeque.


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