Monday, January 19, 2015

Bench press
237 x 5
272 x 5
312 x 3
Still sick. Hit my goal exactly. Pleased with this for feeling terrible and having not benched in almost a month. Pec-tendons hurt, but are better than before. Will have to see if I can keep this up or not. Good thing about strongman is that it gives me plenty of overhead options to focus on if I can't bench press.

Overhead press
160 x 4 x 10

Iron Woody band rows (unilateral)
5 x 15
Man, I've had these for so long now. 2007 I think?

Went pretty easy on volume and training time. Still felt awful afterwards and threw-up a tiny bit, then felt fine again 20 minutes later. My sick protocol is to train heavy, short, low volume, at least a day of rest after every session, and with lots of food.