Saturday, December 26, 2015

A little behind on training because of Christmas but that's okay. Between work lunch, eating at my sister's, and then my aunt's, I had a feast. Didn't get any presents except for a pair of shoes and an AMC gift card from a coworker.

Managed only 515x1 for mat pulls at a 2-mat height yesterday before work. Came back at night with the intention of doing RE squats but the bar was still set-up for mat pulls so I decided to give it another try and got 5 reps. Afterwards, did 150 x 30, 30, 25 on SSB squats, along with neck harness crunches and band leg curls.


  1. Leaving the bar set-up like that has always been good motivation for me after a bad mat pull workout. Seems like it worked well for you too. Always good to come back and crush something like that.

  2. It really is, although the reason it was left that way was more out of laziness than anything, haha. But hey, if laziness leads to extra deadlifts...