Monday, November 2, 2015

285 x 5
330 x 5
375 x 11

315 x 10, 10, 8

Leg curls

Neck crunches

Ab wheel and reverse crunches

Ah, so begins the wet season. It's still California though so the sun came out after last night's rainfall and it wasn't too bad by the time I got to lifting, just muddy and dirty.

Tightened up my belt with my slimming belly. Goal is 200, though I'm in no rush for it, and exceptions are always made when I get sick and have to eat a lot to make up for inactivity.

By the way, registration for my powerlifting meet came and went. I noticed that they don't offer Paypal as a way to pay so I emailed the organizer asking if I could do that and scan my registration to get in on time, but no response. My fault for not doing it much earlier. I have a stupid habit of signing up for meets in the final week in case I get injured beforehand during training. From now on I'm going to commit well in advance, as this is the second competition I've dropped the ball on now.


  1. If you get down to 200lbs, you'll be in a great weightclass no matter what sport you go after. It's a radical departure from our days of Westside/Elitefts eating everything in sight, but these days it seems like being lean has a ton of long as you have some muscle to go with it, haha. Good stuff on the squats too, really seems to be coming back quick for you.

  2. Agreed, I've found that over the years I can get just as strong being lean as I can when I'm fat. It just takes a little more time in the process. And thanks dude!