Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mat pulls (5)
515 x 8
Excellent after last week. This scheme of going back up a mat after a failure session has been so great. I got one rep over last time at 5 mats, too.

SSB squats
150 x 30, 25, 25

Band leg curls

Ab wheel, reverse crunches

Eating a little bit more calories and being more lenient with carbs, but diet is still "clean" for all intents and purposes. Just holding my weight for now until I can press really heavy again. Gaining a pound or two would be fine as well. For me, the rule is drop either body weight or bar weight to stay strong, never both at once.


  1. I really dig what you've come up with for the mat pulls. It's cool to see the various spins that can develop with it. Those SSB squats look brutal as well.

  2. Thanks man, it was a good way for me to encourage a win after a bad pull day.