Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Came home to these:

Unfortunately I don't have enough screw collars so I couldn't use them, but I'll pick some up.

Mat pulls (2)
495 x 8 (PR)
Excellent. Knee hurt a little.

SSB squats
290 x 3
Knee hurt, shut this down.

200 x 1:15
Goal here is to rep 200 lbs for progressively longer and longer periods of time. This is counting walking to and from the bar, unracking, etc., as well as rest pauses. Gonna have to get creative and train my legs like a bodybuilder instead of squatting heavy for low reps.

Band leg curls

SSB squats
Bar x 30, no lockout


  1. You can always use these instead


    Also, I heard you can wrap a pair of wrist wraps real tight around the bar to hold it in place. Be good to use in the interim. Congrats on new strongman equipment.

    I like your squats for time approach. Be curious to see how that works out.

  2. Also, great work on the mat pull. Real close to hitting that of the floor.

  3. Good ideas, thanks man. I went out and got some clamps for $2.