Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gonna be implementing more strongman training from now on. Called BevMo and they didn't have any busted kegs I could have, so I'm thinking of this deal instead:

Probably going to pass on the stone for now. It'd be great to have but when prioritizing I'd rather spend money on a keg and axle first since I'd get similar training from picking up and lapping the keg.

Bench press
235 x 5
272 x 5
312 x 4
Not what I wanted but an improvement from last cycle.

Band rows
20, 20, 20, 20, 20

Overhead press
165 x 10, 10, 10, 10

Dumbbell push press
120 x 0
110 x 4/0 (right/left)
100 x 6/3
Was pretty tired from the strict press, but I need to practice this more in general. I have to find a way to fatten the handle, too. Fat Gripz are too long.

Curls, face pulls, band pull-aparts


  1. Holy shit that is an awesome deal. Get both of those kegs quick! Haha. You could have a lighter one for pressing and a heavier one for carry medleys. Kegs and axle will carry you very far, and are incredibly cheap all things considered.

    You could also make fat grip dumbbell handles when you make your axle. Get the same pipe, cut it to the length of a loadable dumbbell and use duct tape to make the collars, just like the axle. Don't have to worry about fat gripz or anything like that. Just be careful with the threaded edges, because they'll be razor sharp. The first time I unloaded my pipe from the car, I sliced the crap out of my hands.

  2. The axle dumbbell is so obvious, thanks, haha. I'm picking up the keg(s) soon, excited.

    1. Awesome news man. For the axle/dumbbell, you may want to use something like this for collars

      I have 2 different kinds (one from rogue and one cheapo one off amazon) and they're awesome. They lock onto just about any bar, while spring collars tend to be pretty finicky.

  3. Crap, just realized the one's I linked you to are for standard plates, haha. Look for the Olympic ones, they work great.

  4. I actually have a pair of those exact ones as well as a second pair of metal locking ones with a pin you twist (only way to secure plates on the SSB), luckily.

    1. Excellent. I have those metal locking ones too, a few of them. Funny all the crap one ends up picking up as they go, haha.

  5. The metal ones came free with my Play It Again Sports bar and I said at the time I don't need them but the manager insisted that they come free so I shrugged and took them. Not sure why I tried to turn down free crap but I'm glad she was smarter than me.