Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mat pulls (2):
475 x 3, 1
> Filmed my last rep out of suspicion that I'm not getting leg drive like I should. Thankfully nobody reads this to see my goofy faces, haha.

Starting position:

Once I actually start to pull up:

Bar starts to come off the ground:

It appears that I'm not keeping my core and glutes tight enough to power the bar up with leg drive, causing excessive hip ascension before the bar has even moved. Much more importantly, though, I'm not falling back with the weight, instead letting the bar pull me forward. My shoulders start aligned and then move out in front as the bar languishes back.

Just going to accept my losses this cycle and move to the floor next week. Since I've done this for two weeks I still got 8 reps at this height in total.

SSB squats:
310 x 3 x 5
> Last rep paused.

SSB holds:
470 x 15, 20 secs
> This felt really light.