Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mat pulls (7):
475 x 8
> Last time I tried this depth I got 3, but today it really didn't feel very different.

Deload SSB box squats:
240 x 3 x 5

My feet are killing me. If I stick with this job I need new boots ASAP. My $30 ones feel like hell.

I'm missing out on recording entries lately. Did 405x2 squats, felt like I was in shambles and that I needed a deload badly. I'm finding that happens with work. Need to make myself get more than 7 hours of sleep consistently.

Did a deload press day after, 140x5, 95x3x10, and chins 5x10 (holy crap, it's fun how easy these are after training with weighted pull-ups).