Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mat pulls ( 9 ):
475 x 8
> No rest pause this time. Pretty amazing considering how sore my back has been from lifting at work all day, but it's been great. Loading up the huge lumber tarps is like doing Atlas stones. I've stayed late on my own time to help other people with theirs just because it's so fun. Typically it's two people swinging a tarp into the truck/lumber dump but I insist on going solo.

303 x 10, 8, 8

Tried to do GHRs with a couch and a barbell, respectively. Both failed miserably. I'm looking at a cool home GHR online that sits on the floor.

Home gym is a lifesaver for training while working. Still need to replace my barbell, gonna pester Play It Again again about it (they keep saying they'll call me to issue the trade-in and then never do, been going on for months now) and if that doesn't work I'll just splurge on a Texas power bar and leave them a scathing review (poor them, huh?).