Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Picked up 205 lbs of weights, including a barbell, from Play It Again Sports. Came out to about $1 per pound. They only had a pair of 45s, otherwise I'd have bought more. I'm getting this thing started, although I have a lot to do still. My current Weider bench is utterly useless and definitely too small to bench off; the pins can't even accommodate the width of my grip and anytime I lie down on it I hear a tearing sound similar to Velcro from the padding coming off of the base.

What I can do currently: overhead press days except 3 and 1 week.
Next targets: compact squat stands, Iron Gym pull-up bar, 10s 5s and 25s, anymore 45s I can find deals online for.

Hm, I also need to sweep. Think I'm gonna go do that now, haha.

Goblet squats:
50 x 51, 45, 41

25, 25, 25, 20, 20