Friday, October 10, 2014

Weighed 217.8 this morning. 20 lbs lost since July.

Mat pulls (2):
475 x 3, 1
> Disappointing after my strong streak, will try this depth one more time next week before I move to the floor.

First rep felt strong and then my back would suddenly feel weak.

Even coming from a deload, I wonder if doing SSB pause squats beltless, heavy dumbbell rows bent over, and having poor posture is preventing me from recovering. If I twist to the side I still feel a dull soreness on the sides of my back (not obliques but nearer the lumbar) that I've had ever since those 190 lb dumbbell rows two weeks ago.

Or I could just be a weak fuck.

SSB squats:
310 x 5, 5, 5
> Last reps paused.

SSB holds:
470 x 15, 15


  1. You holding your breath on the mat pull set? I lose almost all of my back strength/tightness as soon as I breathe out, so it's pretty much a race to see how many reps I can manage in one breath. After that, I'll start hitching and ramping for more reps. Meals go a long way too in my experience. I need to have a belly full of food to get the most out of my pulls. Empty stomach=smaller and less tight midsection for me.

  2. I've figured out that I've had some kind of injury from bent-over rows, after all. But not really, I've never tried to really use the valsalva past two reps. With those two reps though I find the third is always a little weaker, whereas if I just do the standard forceful exhale every rep my performance is more consistent. It's something I'm exploring more, though.