Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mat pulls ( 3 ):
475 x 7
• Belt was way loose, barely felt like it did anything. Makes me a little excited about this. I'll tighten it for next week and aim for 8 again, though I'll be happy pulling 7 off the floor ultimately.

SSB pause squats (deload):
220 x 3 x 5

Not too sure about the merit of heavy pulls mixed with my deload week but I don't want to interrupt the cycle and it doesn't seem to be harming recovery.


  1. Every mat pull cycle is going to have it's rough spot. Mine used to be at the 4 mat height, but changed to the 3 mat height recently. You'll probably discover your own as well. A lost rep at one height doesn't necessarily mean lost reps off the floor thankfully. I've had a few cycles where I actually added reps between my 2 mat and the floor.

  2. Good to know. I definitely noticed the biggest change in feel at 4, but I made sure to keep leg drive in mind.