Saturday, August 2, 2014

Overhead press:
145 x 5
170 x 5
200 x 7

142 x 5 x 10

10, 10Weighted:
45 x 6, 8, 10, 10

Row machine:
150 x 15

Decline push-ups:
20, 15

Incline skullcrushers:
40s x 10

Spider curls:
50s x 12, 10, 10

Bent-over lat raises:
20s x 20, 20


  1. Congrats on the bench PR. That's an awesome feeling. I saw your post about ROM progression box squats. I tried that before with mats, and ended up with not much success. I would eventually hit a part of the ROM where I got glued to the box. You may have better success with it than I do, as I recall you have more experience with the box squat itself, and most likely have the technique better drilled than I did.

  2. Yeah, I did nothing but SSB box squats for about a year because of my quad injury. I know the exact phenomenon of feeling stuck to the surface. After I've found how much I like mat pulls ROM progression with squats during a tiring work week sounds too inviting to pass up but I'll keep your experience in mind for sure. Similarly, I completely failed trying this out with dead squats off the rack safety bars, but the jump in height from one week to the next was very large and an easy week one time turned into an impossible one following that.

    1. I'm glad you are feeling the ROM progression addiction, haha. I know that exact experience with trying to replicate it with pins. With the tools we have now, I think you would need to do some sort of mat/pin combo to really get it to work, where you stand on a certain number of mats while the bar is on a certain pin, and then gradually remove mats before you are flat footed, then lower then pin and stand on mats again. It would be a lot of moving pieces.

  3. Wouldn't you be adding mats to deepen the starting point? That's actually a neat idea, too bad I don't have a rack. Your set-up with chains is still the coolest thing I've seen.

    1. Adding mats would be necessary to bridge the gap between pins. If, say, we were on pin 17. Instead of dropping straight to pin 16, you would do pin 17 again standing on a mat, and then repeat this for a few weeks until standing on the floor at pin 16 was a slight drop, rather than making it a dramatic change. Would need a bit of experimenting, but would work. Thanks for the compliment about the chains, I stole the idea from old westside videos, haha.