Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mat pulls ( 9 ):
475 x 8
> No rest pause this time. Pretty amazing considering how sore my back has been from lifting at work all day, but it's been great. Loading up the huge lumber tarps is like doing Atlas stones. I've stayed late on my own time to help other people with theirs just because it's so fun. Typically it's two people swinging a tarp into the truck/lumber dump but I insist on going solo.

303 x 10, 8, 8

Tried to do GHRs with a couch and a barbell, respectively. Both failed miserably. I'm looking at a cool home GHR online that sits on the floor.

Home gym is a lifesaver for training while working. Still need to replace my barbell, gonna pester Play It Again again about it (they keep saying they'll call me to issue the trade-in and then never do, been going on for months now) and if that doesn't work I'll just splurge on a Texas power bar and leave them a scathing review (poor them, huh?).


  1. TPB is always a good choice, but for the meantime, you could always get a beater bar off craigslist that at least weighs the right amount. I'm thinking the women's bar might not actually be a bad choice as a deadlift bar, since the smaller bar diameters means an easier grip and most likely more bar whip, similar to a texas deadlift bar.

    Glad the landscapping is having some positives, and cool to see mat pulls in the rotation. Hope it all continues to go well.

  2. I think it's the same diameter, just a shorter length. Could be wrong, though. I just know it's 81 inches vs 84, and a bar longer by even just a few inches would make using my stands easier.

    Yeah, this is the first time on a job I've ever seen an increase in strength. Thank you for innovating with the patio paver idea with mat pulls, haha. I imagine being off the floor is helping a lot to still pull heavy consistently while on a job that already has lots of bending and deadlifting.

  3. Usually female bars have a small diameter too to account for smaller hand size, but this could be low cost solution that just tried to be lighter by being shorter. Anything is possible, everyone is making equipment.

    Glad the tiles are working out. They're a life saver for just such a scenario, able to still lift heavy while making recovery easier. How is your eating going with all of this? Lots of on the go stuff, or are you just eating huge before and after work?

  4. I rush out the door at 6 so I put 30 oz of homemade weightgainer in a big thermos and that keeps me covered with instant calories for the 5 hours until lunchtime, which usually is chili and a sandwich. Adds up to about 3,000 calories at work and I'm hungry when I get home so I usually get Chipotle and Jamba Juice. I'm working on eating more so I don't lose weight so fast, though.

    1. If sleep wasn't so vital to your recovery at this point, I'd suggest the middle of the night shake idea. Seems like you got a pretty decent handle on things though.