Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Picked up 205 lbs of weights, including a barbell, from Play It Again Sports. Came out to about $1 per pound. They only had a pair of 45s, otherwise I'd have bought more. I'm getting this thing started, although I have a lot to do still. My current Weider bench is utterly useless and definitely too small to bench off; the pins can't even accommodate the width of my grip and anytime I lie down on it I hear a tearing sound similar to Velcro from the padding coming off of the base.

What I can do currently: overhead press days except 3 and 1 week.
Next targets: compact squat stands, Iron Gym pull-up bar, 10s 5s and 25s, anymore 45s I can find deals online for.

Hm, I also need to sweep. Think I'm gonna go do that now, haha.


  1. Congrats on getting this started too. Mine started out the exact same way, although my bench could hold a little more weight/adjust to squat out of. Definitely look into the 2x4 squat stand in a bucket approach as well. Craigslist is money too. Really excited to see your growth.

  2. I thought you were joking at first - that squat stand idea is sick. I already ordered stands $200 and was debating whether to cancel my order, haha. I suppose metal is more outdoor-friendly than wood, though.

    And yeah, I only went to that store because of their CL ad actually.

  3. Yeah, never used the wooden stands myself, but they were popular on the net for a while. Real stands would be preferable just because of the stability, haha.

    Play it Again is awesome. Always a place to get some great deals and interesting finds for equipment.