Wednesday, February 12, 2014

360 x 5
405 x 3
455 x 0, 1
> Hit the safety bars and lost my groove completely, didn't even try to stand up. Second attempt was pretty easy. Strength is definitely on a downtrend, but this felt really strong after a week of inactivity and almost no leg volume lately. The 405 felt super heavy and sluggish so I focused on bracing my core more and breathing out harder for the max.

I feel pressure in my tailbone when I squat, but it's not painful. I hope this doesn't somehow encourage cyst growth. I'll continue the measures that have seemed to work for me so far: coconut oil applied dermally, Neosporin, zinc oxide, frequent heat, salt water, and using my standing desk.

475 x 1
> It's nice to be continuing my 5/3/1 cycle seamlessly. Bar went up fast.

SSB squats:
320 x 2 x 10

225 x 20

Kettlebell goblet squats:
50 x 30
> No lockout. Don't feel pressure when it's this light; if I have to ditch heavy squats eventually I can at least do these.

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