Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bench press:
245 x 3
280 x 3
315 x 6
> Getting good leg drive by consciously squeezing my glutes everytime I press up. Feels kind of like a glute raise without the raise part.

Bilateral dumbbell rows:
100s x 13, 13, 12, 12

Incline bench press:
200 X 10, 10, 10

Decline push-ups:
30, 23, 15
> Progressively going from super wide to narrow.

Inverted rows:
30, 25

> Couldn't even hold onto the bar so had to use straps, embarrassingly. My forearms are fried.

Kettlebell preacher curls:
50 x 13
Both arms: 50 x 25, 20

Band pull-aparts
41, 31
> Some pain in right pec tendon. Blame it on the wide push-up set.

Hadn't lifted in almost a week, but strength was as good as ever. Sleep has been bad. I am done staying up all night to fix my sleeping schedule. The only way for me is to make myself wake up at a certain time. I hadn't been doing this because I wanted to get enough sleep but that didn't work out anyway AND I'm waking up in the late afternoon still.

Also, after a full day of not eating any real food (still did what I needed to do by munching on walnuts, blocks of cheddar cheese, and whey), it felt awesome to have a Thanksgiving feast with my girlfriend.

I also finally got the fridge fixed and my diet should be easier now. The thing had been leaking constantly before up and dying, which put me in crisis mode as I fought to prevent all our food from spoiling.