Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Entry #1194

I've been sleeping terribly the past four days due to the heat (I know, I'm in freaking Oregon, but my apartment retains heat at night like crazy) and took an extra two days off, yet I surprised myself tonight.

Bench press:
240 x 5
275 x 3
305 x 5
> Considering I went in hoping for 4 with 3 as a "safe" number this was a win. I was good for 6, possibly 7, but my pec tendons felt pain-free for the first time in a while and I didn't want to grind with them. Felt amazingly strong. I wonder if it's just a typical week-3 peak or if the push-ups have something to do with it.

Incline bench:
167 x 4 x 10

Kroc rows:
150 lb dumbbell x 25, 15
> I had to rest-pause on the first set after reps 12 and 15, respectively, due to my grip. This is pretty much the heaviest dumbbell I've ever held without straps.

One-handed inverted cable rows:
180 lbs x 10, 10

Inverted rows:
25, 20

Decline push-ups:
25, 20

Kettlebell preacher curls:
50 lb bell x 10, 8, 8

Band pull-aparts

I weighed 237 on the gym scale, so I've lost 2 lbs.