Monday, February 4, 2013

Entry #1155

Swiss bar bench press:
227 x 5
257 x 3
287 x 5
> Weight felt pretty heavy tonight. Sleep has been erratic, though I've been making up for 6 hour nights with 2 hour naps in the same afternoon without fail yet still I always feeling tired. For the first time in awhile I'm looking forward to a deload. Also landed some creatine which I'll load with in the final half of the light week.

Swiss bar pause bench:
197 x 4 x 10
> Didn't use the Fat Gripz. Wow, so much easier. 

Dumbbell rows:
125 x 4 x 10
> Shoulder felt way better on this now that I'm not hyperextending.


Inverted rows:

Curls at home using weights in my gym bag. 15, 15, 12 

Entry #1154

SSB box squat:
150 x 5
240 x 5
330 x 3
420 x 3
310 x 10
> Reracked on 3, rested 30 seconds, then made an attempt at 2 more but felt a twinge in my back during the walkout so I called it a day. Nothing I haven't done better at before but it was nice to at least be back in the game after getting 0 last week.

SSB squat:
150 x 10
> First time free squatting since August. No quad pain!