Thursday, July 4, 2013

Entry #1195

Well, this is a bittersweet day. Due to xanga's closing of doors come July 15th, I will be moving this log and the continuation of my journey onto Blogger:

I've hated xanga for a long time now - my login is never retained, I have to pay for features that other blog sites provide for free, the bloat of unwanted gimmicks I never use like credits and Minis, their sudden and unapologetic dropping of API support so I can get around the login by posting from Scribefire, lack of a mobile layout...I can go on. But for nine years I've been here, inconveniences and all, for continuity's sake. This thing has a lot of memories, but I'm glad the xanga team made the decision for me.

The tears are starting to flow. Ugh. You know what? One more log entry, for old time's sake. Getting down on my living room floor right now...

Crying push-up:
> Technically a PR for this exercise.

There it is. My last recording.

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