Monday, December 31, 2012

Entry #1141

ROM progression squat (7th pin):
520 lbs x 25
> With the aim of a 440 max at the bottom I wonder if I didn't start heavy enough to have enough of a drastic difference from the top to the bottom. Oh well, not gonna start over every time I doubt something. Run this through and use the experience for next time if necessary.

SSB pause box squats:
260 x 10, 10

Ab wheel:
5 x 5

Crush gripper #1:
5 x 5
> I've had these for years and always sucked at them, but I'm making it my personal goal now to close the #2. 

Supplement-wise, I'm off creatine and have started taking vitamin D. I also got a blender so I've been making smoothies a lot.