Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Entry #1124

W00t, first bad day in a while, as if to herald my first session with the belt. Everything sucked.

SSB box squats:
420 x 1, 2, 2, 1
> So I found out that the belt completely fucks up my balance. Part of my warm-up is a squat walkout with 50-70 lbs more than my max set, and I was wavery doing it this time. During the actual squats I repeatedly pitched forward, which made my knees feel sore afterward. Went for a total rep PR and did an extra 6th rep at the end there.

340 x 5
380 x 5
445 x 2, 1
> Back must have been weakened after the squats. I'm going to do 4 days again and see what improves. Funny thing is that all the lower body assistance work I've been doing seems to be helping little. I literally don't notice a difference in my squat doing Bulgarian split-squats.