Sunday, September 2, 2012

Entry #1095

350 x 3
400 x 3
450 x 8
> Had another one or two in me, but I remember how my back hurt last time I rep-grinded. I think it's probably smart to keep the bar speed fast when doing high reps, out of safety. I've never hurt anything doing a 1 rep max, but I have getting fatigued from multiple reps. Using my belt, too.

Good mornings:
170 x 10, 4
> Tweaked my back. The sensation lasted scarily long, like 2 seconds (basically as long as it took to dip under the bar and squat it back up), but the severity didn't feel too terrible. I think I'm not conditioned enough to be adding good morning in to ME deadlift day after doing no assist work for so long. Rest longer next time. I was feeling rushed because the gym was closing soon and I wanted to get 5 x 10 in.