Monday, July 23, 2012

Entry #1080

Been taking it easy for two days, doing nothing but fasted walks and foam rolling. Took an extra day off to really get prepped for deadlifts tomorrow. Today's training consisted of massive Canyon Grill burgers, gyro feasts at Grapevine with the girlfriend and her sister, and Vietnamese beef pho with steak.

I'm starting to really hone in on some key details for cutting weight. Saturated fat and sodium can actually spike insulin levels quite a bit even in the absence of carbs, so I'm not eating immediately before bed anymore in order to allow a growth hormone spurt during sleep. I'm also looking to bring back cottage cheese more instead of saltier cheddar.

Shoulder has been a little achy. Weighted dips last week were extremely disagreeable. It's less of a painful sensation and more a feeling of it just being stiff. I can press fine, though, as evident by the 140 lb dumbbell press day before yesterday.