Monday, March 12, 2012

Entry #1029

Beginning 5/3/1 again.

Bench press:
192.5 x 5
222.5 x 5
252.5 x 11
> Had another rep or two in me.

Face-pulls between bench sets

Crazy plates:
155 x 10, 10
> Made my shoulder hurt after 7 reps.

Dumbbell rows:
130s x 12, 9
110s x 10, 9, 9
> Felt something in my shoulder snap as I was bracing myself up and rowing with my good arm. No pain, just felt alarming.

Skullcrushers super-set with hammer curls

New rule: no pressing for accessory work. I came back to 5/3/1 to slash my pressing frequency and volume, so there's no point in defeating that by doing a bench variation after bench pressing. Only extensions and pulls for now. 

Before I took a shower I was flexing in the bathroom (it increases vasodilation and makes the muscles feel good - believe me, I'm way past the age where I think my body mass is novel and interesting to look at) when my shoulder jolted in pain for a split-second. Fuck. Nothing lingered, though, and it feels fine now. Just nix the extra pressing and I see good things going forward.

I feel good enough to go to boxing tomorrow. Just need to remember to do Turkish get-ups beforehand.

Entry #1028

Took a week off from boxing to let my shoulder heal, and coincidentally this was my deload so I went easy on the weights, as well, while keeping on top of my pre- and rehab exercises. It all paid off and I'm feeling terrific. 

Today I did 4 sets of TGU singles before going to boxing. 5 2-minute rounds on the heavy bag (1 minute rest), then 3 1-minute rounds on the speed bag, and then back to 2 rounds for 2 minutes on the heavy bag.