Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Entry #1023

I got some great punch refinement tonight from Victor, one of the two coaches. I'm trying to lean into my jab so much that it's taking too much weight away from the back. The solution? Stand lower. I already thought I was low, but holy crap, my power output was instantly heightened. I can get a lot more force with less weight. I still want to throw my weight behind the jab as much as possible, but not to the point where I'm off-balance. 

Victor held the mitts for me while I jabbed and threw 1-2s. He said his hands were really beginning to feel it. At one point I didn't even shift my weight satisfactorily and he quipped, "Damn, you didn't even do it that time and I still felt it." 

My shoulder is holding up swell. No pain, and my jab is stronger and longer than ever. I'm going to keep reading Dempsey's book and become a mutant.