Monday, January 9, 2012

Entry #1,000

1000 entries, 1000 days of torture, and 1000 days of being stuck with shitty Xanga for continuity's sake. I wanted to celebrate this special day so I canceled my wedding to go to the gym.

3-board press:
300 x 5, 5, 4
> Hoping to repeat my success with OHP I tried the suicide grip here and just downright did not like it. Switched back to regular grip and performance felt stronger. Could have also powered through on that last set but my shoulder is holding me back from really going ballistic with explosiveness. 

Close-grip bench:
225 x 8, 8, 6
> Good to pick up where I left off. Light, but my triceps were exceptionally fatigued with all this new overload.

45 x 3 x 5

Clean practice with high pulls:
135 lbs, various reps and sets

Curls with Fat Gripz