Friday, October 12, 2012


Swiss bar bench:
210 x 5
240 x 3
270 x 6
> Decent. Not what I was vying for, but still enough to be a 5 lb gain over last cycle, which is what it comes down to.

Swiss bar pause bench:
170 x 5 x 10
> Ditched the Fat Gripz this time, but I'm going to bring them back. I feel like they hit the triceps uniquely.

Dumbbell rows:
120 x 5 x 10
> Doing these between sets of pause bench and I was hauling ass to finish before closing time. Barely got everything done and had no time for curls.



Tonight was a helluva session. Again, pressed for time, I somehow did max effort squats and deadlifts back to back.

SSB box squat:
420 x 5

380 x 5
430 x 3
480 x 4
> Had another in me, but the shock of pulling this heavy for the first time got to me. I'm also not rest-pausing at all. It was pretty badass to get this with such short timing between sets and having to pee. 490 x 5 next time!

Have also discovered that my sporadic deadlift performance is partly because of not squatting low enough to pull. I surmise that this is a result of not squatting deep for so long. Consequently, I'm starting too high and pulling too much with my back, like a Romanian deadlift. It's not QUITE that exaggerated but the drift to that is there. I felt stronger today by consciously keeping a lower posterior and using my quads more.

Partial leg press super-set with GHR

One of the douchy owners comes in and interrupts my GHR set.

"Time ta go."
"I thought you close at 9."
"What does the clock say?"
"I don't have my glasses. Probably 8:55."
"Two minutes to 9."

Dude, bring it down. I know you have to make the rounds and close up but there's no need to be that silly. I was doing my last set and would have been out by 9. This is the problem when people who don't care about training run gyms.

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