Saturday, September 22, 2012

Entry #1104

Missed recording two deloads. Nothing eventful.

Swiss bar press:
125 x 5
145 x 5
165 x 10
> Felt weak and shaky. I was going for 11 but last rep was hard.

Swiss bar press with Fat Gripz:
130 x 5 x 10
> Phew, also hard. Had to rest pause a little, but I don't care.

Neutral-grip pull-ups:
5 x 10
> Finally hit my rep goal.

External dumbbell rotations:
5 lbs x 20, 20

Need to eat when I wake up and not wait an hour and a half before breakfast. All this reading about carb backloading and intermittent fasting is making me feel more comfortable about going hungry. It would seem that a picture-perfect breakfast (steak, two slices wheat toast, milk, broccoli) isn't quite enough to completely negate glyco depletion pre-meal, at least in the immediate aftermath with a training session. I'm also off creatine.

Still, this is progress compared to the first week of last cycle. It's important to not expect too much too frequently.


  1. I always do a shake first thing in the morning and then a solid meal an hour after. Seems to work well.It's weird how much one can press for high reps compared to a max weight. My 5x10 weight would eventually creep up to about 150lbs, while my working weight was like 180 for a max set of 10.

  2. Hah, I've noticed that. Are you doing the weightgainer again or making your own?