Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Entry #1081

Goofy session yesterday.

340 x 3
390 x 3
440 x 5
500 x 0
> Equipment failure. Basically, the barbell fell apart, and it took me until the middle of putting the plates back to realize what had happened. I was doing 440 for 9 but felt the weight start to shift to the left, and by the 5th rep it was completely lopsided. I thought my grip was just uneven but I didn't want to go for high reps again, so I loaded up 500, pulled it off the floor and again felt the barbell tilt on its end. Eventually I found out that the screw had fallen out and the plates were gradually pushing against the collars, migrating to the end of the bar.

Unilateral overhead press:
75 x 12/5, 10/5, 10/5
> Right and left arm, respectively. Looks like one-handed is definitely the way to go for isolating problem areas. Doing two hands with the 80s meant I was forcing reps on my left when it couldn't extend all the way and underworking my right. I'll keep doing this until both sides are even. Oh, and there was less (read: none) pain than usual this way, thanks to being able to devote 100% focus to each side at a time. Guess I'm no longer in any hurry to get a Swiss bar.

NG pull-ups:
12, 12, 10

SSB squat:
255 x 5, 5, 5

Fasted walk today. Weighed in at 216.

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