Sunday, July 15, 2012

Entry #1077

Haven't been updating lately.

330 x 5
370 x 5
415 x 12

Dumbbell military press:
80s x 6, 6, 6
> Last set was sans Fat Gripz. I hate to admit it, but for my situation, this movement seems better without. The dumbbells + the overhead balancing + the Fat Gripz makes it too unstable to get great mileage out of it. As a result, my troublesome shoulder has difficulty locking out unless I take them off.

Overhead band shrugs (x 12) + external rotation machine (100 lbs x 12)

NG pull-ups:
15, 10, 8

SSB squat:
255 x 5, 5, 5

Been suffering from "weightlifters' headaches" ever since the start of my deload. It began with a set of 25-rep good mornings, and persisted the next time I tried those. Always at rep 20. Today, it reared its head again on deadlifts, although not nearly as severe.

Last night I managed to finally get good sleep (10 hours) after probably a week and a half of only 5-6 hours a night. Need to keep that up or else I'll be forced to take time off so I can recover.

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