Friday, May 4, 2012

Entry #1053

For the sake of my shoulder and the fact that I seem to respond better to it while on a constant caloric deficit, I'm back on my own routine that I adopted in the immediate aftermath of shoulder injury, with the exception now of being able to use the same pressing weight for both arms.

I can't tell if I've gotten this much weaker doing 5/3/1 three days a week while cutting or if being sick is just affecting me that much, but today was very sobering. Spirits are high, though.

SSB squats:
340 x 5, 3, 3
> I left this program months ago doing 365 x 5 for 3 sets.

One-armed dumbbell press, neutral grip:
110 x 5, 5, 5
> Tried to do 130 and it was shockingly heavy. Wtf.

Power cleans:
185 x 5, 5, 5
> Form is getting better. Feet aren't all over the place when I thump down. Still don't have the coordination to squat into a full clean. I pulled up 300 at my meet but of course I'm reigning in my form for training.


Cheat day today. Feasted on what had to be a 2,000 calorie burger at Shari's Restaurant.  


  1. What kind of dead animal was inside the burger?

  2. Do you have an end goal with your caloric deficit?

  3. 200 lbs. I started hardcore about a year ago, laxed off and began to maintain in September, and started really going at it again last month.

  4. I mean more if there is a specific reason for it.  If you run into issues on a deficit, it might be a prime time to put on some weight.  Are you trying to make a weight class for something?

  5. I'm just experimenting with my body right now and observing what works best and what doesn't. Plus it's easier on the wallet.I'm not paying any attention to making a weight class after I was told at the clean comp that in order for my 300 lb clean attempt to win over 1st place's 275 I'd have to weigh in the 170s. Skinny CrossFit freaks, lol.

  6. Have you noticed any changes in the size of your pppenis while you're making these fluctuations in weight?

  7. lol the legendary freshdre strikes again! good luck with the clean. i'm light right now too, human bodies are way to fucking sensitive to change in diet.