Thursday, March 29, 2012

Entry #1036

Came into boxing later than usual because I had to stop at the laundromat on the way over (thanks for the pee, my feline friend). Only got a 35 minute session in.

Speed bag
2 rounds of double-end bag
5 rounds of heavy bag

I like the speed bag warm-up. I also did TGUs before leaving the house so the combination of the two really had my shoulder feeling fantastic. 

At one point during slamming the heavy bag I just instinctively let slip a left hook. A LEFT hook. Crap, I reaaally could have been paying the price for that, but it felt fine. It wasn't a very hard one or anything, but it certainly felt good.

Footwork was a little sloppy during combinations. I'll focus on keeping centered next time. Need to hammer it home to keep my feet at an equidistant apart.


  1. PPP;What are your thoughts on drinking red wine as your cheat during a cut? How drastic are the negative effects on losing body fat?

  2. Cheat? I drink red wine whenever.Sure, alcohol is prioritized over fatty acids so it delays the process of lipolysis, but if we're just talking about a modest glass, the benefits make up for it. It's the same with eating fruits on a cut.Red wine is the only alcoholic drink the above applies to, by the way.

  3. @l3loodFist -  Let's be real, what the fuck does that mean? "Lipolysis" I got drunk as shit off red wine, and when that bottle died, a handful of shots of rum. I have decided that I am alcohol free for three months.