Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Entry #1019

Horrible day at the gym. Despite getting plenty of sleep I felt ridiculous foggy-headed and tired, probably from readjusting my sleeping schedule to early rises (I usually lift at 4-5 pm, but was in today at 11:30). I felt like I was falling asleep on squats, and I nearly killed myself on the bench press by forgetting a 45 on one side. To make matters worse, my shoulder was hurting.

SSB squats:
355 x 5, 5, 4

Bench press:
285 x 4

That's all I got done. Some things to do next time about my shoulder:

> Under the SSB when I'm struggling I tend to push up on the handles. My shoulder hurt from this. I've gotta stop doing that.

> Warm-up more. Do light arm stuff between squat sets. Bring back dumbbell scarecrows, in particular. 

> Don't fall behind on prehab and rehab like face pulls and Turkish get-ups.

> Either get a Swiss bar or switch to dumbbells. I'm already preparing for this; my dumbbell Power Hooks are on their way in the mail so that I can press as heavy as I want without the plates falling off when hoisting the bells to my lap.

> On Iron Radio they mentioned an old-time lifter (maybe Paul Anderson?) who cycled with medium, light, and heavy days thrice a week. Might try that out.

> Have a fourth day of dedicated prehab exercises using my kettlebell.

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