Monday, February 6, 2012

Entry #1015

I canceled lifting today to go to boxing. Since it's M W and F I'm going to lift T T and S. 

I'm warming up to the place, kind of. It's still the bottom of the barrel but the price can't be beat. There were actually some guys there who looked my age today, too. I bounced around between the heavy bag, speed bag, double-end bag, and shadowboxing. I also attempted to skip rope but I'm too tall with arms too long and the rope wasn't going anywhere with the ceiling overhead. I'm trying to pay a lot more attention to my footwork by slowing down handspeed and just syncing every strike up with steps and hip swivels. I think I throw too many punches in an attempt to "pad out" a round and many are coming out sloppy. Less is more, for now.

I'm not risking throwing any full-power left hooks, unfortunately, and right hooks are just schwangwangwang with how far they have to travel across the body. I might switch up my stance on the fly in sparring to address this.

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