Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Entry #917

Mike Tyson is now a vegan.

In response I ate steak for three meals a day. Goddamn do I need to go shopping.

Tomorrow is cheat day. Time to get fat.

Entry #916

Did a 15-minute circuit of shadowboxing, burpees, and mountain climbers in the apartment. Afterwards I messed around with the Sega game on Eyetoy. No, I'm actually not so senile that I don't know the name and I have to refer to it as "the Sega game" but "Sega Superstars" is Superstupid. Back is incredibly sore today, despite foam rolling last night post-workout.

I'm shaking my head at how good the dorks over at T-Nation are at building the most fervorous hype for their supplements.

"So, if you're considering Indigo-3G,™ but you're on the fence, or worried about cost, stop right there and go no further. It's not for you, at least not at this time."

So if I wanna know more about an ambiguously-named product, I should just walk away now 'cause I'm not hardcore. K, will do.

Wait, one gem in the comment section:

"Jayk:  I just threw up and cried at the same time... Okay, not really, but I was so excited for this, but it's way too expensive.."

Jesus, shut up and squat.

I think it's highly unfortunate that they let this crap bleed into otherwise-great articles. I'll be following along and wrestling with some newfound training revelations from Poliquin or Cosgrove when all of a sudden I'll get to something like "Tip #8: Why do idiots buy the cheapest supps just to save some money? Seriously, you get what you pay for. I only use Metabolic Drive." Completely kills the intellectual momentum.

Entry #915

280 x 5
325 x 5
372.5 x 12
> Could have done more. For some reason had my mind mentally set to "12". Weight felt like air. This is the strongest I've ever been on deadlifts. I'm really glad with my grip level, too. I can hang on to 515 for reps (reverse-band) easily, and that was several months ago. Fat Gripz are awesome.

Good mornings:
205 x 8, 5, 7
135 x 10

Ab wheel