Monday, April 25, 2011

Entry #855

242.5 x 5
280 x 5
317.5 x 11
> Good. Deep. 11 seems to be the magic number lately.

Front squats (snatch grip):
135 x 8
x 8
x 6
> Murder on my wrists. I want to keep at this.

Ball crunches

Critics have crunches all wrong. The problem with them actually has little to do with the back. Try hyperextending on a ball with your body wrapped around the circumference and then do 12 crunches with each rep taking 5 seconds. It's all abs that way. The issue I have is not that they don't hit their target, but that they're similar to calf raises in that they only work through getting a muscle pump. One crunch isn't difficult, but a bunch of them in accumulation are. On the other hand, when I do one rep on an ab wheel or a few seconds of planks, I actually have to exert force to do the rep or hold the position. That's how I discern functionality.

On a sidenote, I can't upload pics because of my crappy dial-up. At least I'll have before and after ones when the time comes.